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streets. >> this is a live picture from the scene. the evidence is street entrance of the l'enfant plaza metro station has been closed. now police got the call about the package around 2:00 this afternoon and are still working to render that package safe right now. we'll bring you the latest on the situation as information comes into our newsroom. meanwhile, the other thing that is impacting our traffic. the weather. commuters are trying to maneuver the wet sidewalks and the streets. we haven't seen a good old rainy day like this in some time. >> let's find out when it might clear out. it is thick out there. >> see, the rain is over and now we've got the fog to deal with. so we've traded in one for another issue out on the area roads. we had, of course, the moderate, the heavy rain, the early part of the day during the morning rush. take a look at these rainfall totals. there were so many areas up north. montgomery county, frederick county that picked up 2.43 inches in gaithersburg.
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german town picked up over two. as was the case even in leesburg. close to three in laytonsville. you have to look to the south, around calvert county and through the northern neck. in calvert county and saint mary's until about midnight. we're socked in with a whole lot of fog. how long is this informing going to stick around and how big of a problem will it be for the morning rush? i'll tell you in a couple minutes. police are now calling the disappearance of a mother in loudoun county suspicious. she has been missing since august. court documents show she had a rocky relationship with her husband. pat collins is live in hernandez tonight where the husband is living. >> reporter: this investigation started in leesburg. now it appears to have shifted to herndon. more twists and turns in the
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case of the missing belly dancer. missing. leyla mccullagh. 36-year-old belly dancer, wife and mother of a little boy. last seen back in august at her leesburg home. a sprawling property with a pond and a pool. she lived here with her husband matthew and their young son. ian griffis is her next door neighbor. >> he goes and comes at weird times. i mean, he doesn't have a regular schedule. he was gone atight and day. she kind of went her own separate way, too. they looked like they had two separate lives. >> reporter: according to court documents, the sheriff is investigating foul play in her disappearance. recently, investigators searched her husband's apartment here in hernandez and seized a number of guns and a substantial amount of
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ammunition. according to court documents, matthew mccullagh now lives here with his girlfriend. those same documents say that leyla mccullagh claims her husband was assaulting her and threatening to get her deported. mrs. mccullagh told friends she was from russia. trouble at the mccullagh house came to the attention of police about five months ago. according to court documents, one day last april, about 4:00 in the morning, matthew mccullagh called the cops on his wife. she said he kicked in the bedroom door. that she broke the tv and threw it at him. that she attacked him. when the cops got to the scene, they said they noticed cut marks on his hands and forearms. they say that leyla mccullagh said all she was trying to do was confront him about an alleged affair.
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mrs. mccullagh was charged with domestic assault. leyla mccullagh pled guilty to that domestic assault. she was placed on probation. she was supposed to check in with the court but she disappeared before she could make that appointment. now we reached out to matthew mccullagh. so far, no comment from him. live in hernandez, pat collins, news4. last minute preparations are underway for the debate tomorrow night. a brand new "wall street journal" poll out shows nearly four in ten voters say that debates will be an important factor in derrelling their vote. with both candidates preparing for the debates behind closed doors, their running mates traded barbs today. >> the obama economic agenda failed not because it was stop. it failed because it was passed. >> how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class has
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been buried the last four years. >> republicans jumped on vice president biden's remarks today and said the middle class has been buried by president obama's policies. then democrats responded by saying the middle class has been punished by the republican policies that crashed the economy under george w. bush. both campaigns hope swing voters in virginia will be watching the debate closely tomorrow night. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey talked to voters about why tomorrow night's performances will or won't influence their decisions. >> reporter: at the loudoun county election office, not all voters are waiting to cast their ballot. nearly 700 loudoun county residents have already completed their inperson absentee ballots. even those who made a choice say they will be watching the debate intently. this man who voted for mitt romney hopes the republican nominee can use the debate to win over swing voters. >> i hope that he'll take a
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strong stand on issues like immigration and the debt crisis. i mean, just make, explain things clearly. >> reporter: this voter who has already cast a ballot for barack obama wants the president to be aggressive in his debate approach. >> i'm hoping that he conveys his message in a more stern fashion than he has in the past. i don't think he is always been aggressive enough. but the public to show what he can do and what he has done. >> reporter: this absentee vote here didn't want to reveal her choice for president says debates are an important tool. >> i think that the debates are always very important. i think they really show a candidate's grace under pressure and i think it shows how quickly they can think on their feet if they need to. >> reporter: with romney trailing in the polls in virginia and several other battleground states, some political analysts and voters believe there is more at stake for him in the debate. >> i think it is more important for romney than it is for obama.
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because a lot of pundits say that in the long run, it really doesn't matter much for the president. but it is extremely important for romney. >> reporter: regardless of the outcome, registrar judy brown thinks the debate will increase her traffic. >> i think once the debates are over with, we'll see a spike in the number of people coming in. at that.they've made up their mind who they want to vote for. >> there was a big surprise phone call to a volunteer at a local campaign office today. we'll tell you who was on the other end of the line coming up right here, 6:00 tonight. it is the moments fans have been hoping for since the nats came back to washington. the team clinched the division championship last night and now the town is buzzing about what's next. now the story of a fan who has waited a long time for this.
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tom? >> reporter: whoever. as you guys have been reporting, it is kind of gray and kind of gloomy out here today. but that's just the weather. it is not the mood of the nats fans. >> the nats have won. >> reporter: just hours after the nats' first championship win monday night, fans in bethesda' tasty diner were serving up their own world series dreams. >> it is great. something special for d.c. >> reporter: by instand souvenir sports gear at modells. in this quiet alexandria law office, long suffering fan reese pearson is enjoying the home among his memorabilia. >> i love two last year during the earthquake. my wife and my 12-week-old son dash, that was probably two or three weeks. his first game was at six days old. >> reporter: the big question, should teddy now win a race? >> i've said that it has to be a worlder suies game. >> that might never happen, god
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for bid. so i'm all right with teddy getting one. >> reporter: forget teddy. the real question is, does this fan have postseason tickets? >> where did i stick them? i picked just this morning. let's see if i can -- i got my four world series tickets and playoff tickets this morning. >> reporter: already some postseason world series tickets are going for $5, $10, $15,000 per seat. >> how many friends do you like who suddenly have baseball. ? quite a few. i've had lots of people asking me if i can hook they will one some tickets. >> reporter: there will be some same day game tickets sold at the box office down the street. those standing room only tickets will be $30. at the nats' ballpark, tom sherwood, news4 of the. a developing story in the search for jimmy hoffa. investigators now say a promising tip did not solve the decades-old mystery. a soil sample taken from a
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backyard in roseville, michigan, didn't could not taken any human remains. a man dying of cancer recently told police that he saw men burying a body there the night hoffa disappeared back in 1975. hoffa, the former teamster's boss was last seen about 30 miles away from that area. still ahead, remembering the sniper attacks that paralyzed our region ten years ago. we're going to revisit some of those whose lives were forever changed in those awful days. plus, a new kind of mammogram that is finding the smallest tumors ever detected. allowing women to get treatment for breast cancer earlier than ever. and video that may prove that someone is always watching. we'll show you why this is no accident. and we are looking for the biggest nats fans. send us photos of your kids, your pet, even yourself decked out in nats colors. wendy is doing it. she is all
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a potentially invaluable tool to screen for breast cancer. >> a new type of mammogram is helping doctors find the smallest tumors earlier than ever before. doreen gentzler is here with details.
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>> hi, jim, wendy. similar to a traditional mammogram but it actually images the breast tissue in 3d. that helps doctors diagnose cancer earlier and hopefully save lives. >> he said i would be really shocked if this was not cancer. >> reporter: a cancer diagnose sis almost always surprising. when doctors recently diagnosed 58-year-old patty taylor with breast cancer, it was especially stunning because it had never shown up on her mammogram. >> which to me was astounding. just absolutely astounding. >> reporter: that's because the tumor was only 7 milliliters long which makes it difficult to pick up on a conventional mammogram. but the alexandria woman had a new type of screening. a 33 mammogram. the doctors say gives them a closer look at the breast tissue. >> the procedure is performed by having a series of very low dose images. reconstructed so that the breast tissue can be seen in as many as
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60, 70, even 80 then sections or thin slices. >> reporter: conventional mammograms are two dimensional. it takes two images of each breast. one from the side and one on top. with the 3d mammogram, also called breast tomosynthesis, the images are taken from many different angles. >> when you have a dense breast and many patients do have a dense breast, the tumor can be obscured or hidden in this dense tissue. with the 3d mammogram, i'm better able to find these small tumors. >> reporter: the 3d screening is given alongside a traditional mammogram because doctors say they still need to do both tests. but that also means radiation exposure is doubled. >> but the total dose to the patient is very low and we feel that there is a tremendous benefit to using this technique.
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>> patty taylor said getting the 3d mammogram was literally a split second decision for her. but til pact of that choice may affect the rest of her life. >> it saved me. >> because her cancer was caught so early, she said her treatment was minimal and partial breast radiation for a week. she said she'll continue getting screen every six weeks and she'll take medication that can help to prevent recurrence. >> it changed everything and it gave me an opportunity this early on to look at myself and say, hey, patty, you've got to do something here. you have to change your life. >> you heard the doctor say he is not concerned that the extra radiation. it is a fair tradeoff for the information that they get from this test. keep in mind there have been studies that have found additional exposure to radiation can increase your risk of cancer. also important to note. insurance does not cover the cost of the 3d mammogram. at least not yet.
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washington radiology is charging patients an additional $50 for the screening. the hope is that health insurance will cover this pretty soon. we have an update on the breaking news at the top of the hour that's during in downtown d.c. police have given the all-clear after that suspicious package shut down the area around the 600 block of maryland avenue a few blocks south of the national mall. >> the seventh street entrance of the l'enfant plaza has also reopened. nothing dangerous has been found of. your commute is still being hampered a little bit by the shoppy weather. >> the rain, the crazy rain and areas of flooding, that's all behind us. now we've got another weather woe. we've got some dense fog in. that will be with us throughout the evening, through the overnight and through a good chunk of tomorrow morning. it is 71 degrees. reagan national airport. the north wind at six miles per
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hour. the humidity, high. the humidity will stay high. in fact, throughout the day tomorrow. on storm team 4 radar, you can see the very light showers in fauquier county. we've got another little area down south. and then more showers. around the areas of new jersey. this is the area that we'll watch for the next few hours until about midnight. the possibility of showers across areas of southern maryland. charles county, calvert, saint mary's county. those will continue sliding through. after that, we'll continue to see these numbers drop. the visibility is out there now, down to about two miles. i-95, baltimore, down to three miles. and gaithersburg, two miles, winchester and leesburg. dropping tomorrow morning, under a half mile and probably down to zero mile visibility. a lot of locations down to our south and west. some of the areas that had the heaviest rain. today leesburg and even up north around montgomery county and frederick. your temperature in the upper
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60s, low 70s. take a look tomorrow morning. upper 60s to around 70. so not going to drop much more from where we are right now. again, we're going to see that rain end in maybe one or two lonesome showers, wrapping up around midnight. we've got the system that will be pushing through for tomorrow. we're still going to be unsettled. we'll have a mixture of clouds and sunshine. once we do get that sun and the fog lifting, the clouds rotating through our area. a warm one for tomorrow. we'll get to about 80 to 85 degrees throughout the area. it will be one of those late summer, early fog days. that next system, cold behind it. wait until you see the temperatures. they'll be dropping off the second half of the weekend. 68 to 74 degrees for your evening. again, really mild. a mild start to the day tomorrow. we're only going to warm up some more. 65 to 70 degrees tomorrow with fog being a major deal. so you might want to get an
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early start. we're at 82 to 86 degrees for a high temperature tomorrow. we're in the low 80s until the end of the week. friday, absolutely beautiful. saturday, 77. that 60-degree low for early saturday morning. that will be closer to our high temperature in the coming days after that. >> that's the rumor we're hearing. yeah. >> thanks. when we come right back, new opposition steps today. the boys' concern over gambling in maryland. >> one major credit card is refunding million of dollars to
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standing by at nats park with the man who own this
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victory and every day down there. dan? >> reporter: yeah, guys. one of the principal owners of the washington nationals, a very happy family. not only are they going to the playoffs but as division champions. mark, i have to ask you what it was like during that game last night when it's finally a done deal and you hear that the division title is yours. >> the first eight innings, a done deal. we were not happy leaving all those guys on base. so that was pretty cool. did not expect to get back in that way but at 96 wins, you don't care how you get in. >> the only time you can really be happy after a loss. >> it was everything that i ever dreamed of. the whole celebration was triching. >> can you describe that feeling? i was in the locker room trying to watch the celebration. not part of it. you were very much part of it. probably trying not to get run over by some of those guys. >> yeah. but no doubt about it. i was going to get him and then
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i got him. then the rest of the guys got me with gator aid so i was totally stoke. >> i love gio's nickname for you. >> i've had two operations on my foot and starting july, i would come in with either a wheelchair or crutches depending on how i was proceeding on the thing. and every time he walked in, he would say, the limp. and then finally he has to do everything. then it became that. we have a great relationship the two of us. and he is a special young man. >> one of the great character guys on this team, definitely a media favorite. you guys went through so many struggles. you got hammered in the media for a couple years. you had two straight 100 loss seasons. because of those struggles, does it make you appreciate this even more? >> well, the struggles didn't surprise us. we knew that we really had to get worse before we got better.
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and you recall the way in 2006, the operation that we were given. we had no farm system. no, really no major league team to speak of. and we had to start from scratch and rebuilding our internal organization and getting draft picks and filling up that system and waiting for them to mature. >> it didn't surprise me. the media may have been critical of it but we felt very comfortable with what we were doing and doing this for the long term. i think our hard work and the division that my father had. and mike rizzo and myself. i think that it is going to pan out for the long run. we didn't want to be a one-year wonder. so far so good. >> a little ahead of schedule. that's one of the thing your father will me when i saw him sitting outside the locker room last night smiling ear to ear. what is that like to share that with the whole family and him specifically in. >> it was great. my words, when christina, after
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she interviewed me. i hugged my dad. his vision and derrellation to do it the right way is why we are so successful today. and it was a very emotional moment for me. and i'm so glad my parents are here to enjoy it. >> mark learner, one happy camper as the nationals have two regular season game to go. trying to lock up the best record in the national league as they head into the postseason. we'll see you from nationals park in a few minutes. when we come back, remembering the sniper attacks. >> reporter: i'm jackie bensen. how the victims' families are healing and helping others. i'll have that story. if you think the fine for getting caught by a d.c. speed camera is too high, you're not alone. now some d.c. leaders are
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what's left of the rain? not much. only affecting a very small portion through the southeast. charlie county, calvert county, saint mary's county, too. zoom. in you can see it around leonard town, montrose and all headed to the northeast. that is it. but fog affecting everybody and it will be a major deal for tomorrow morning with very low visibility. starting in the mid to upper 60s tomorrow morning. it will be warm. you bet. highs around 85 degrees tomorrow with a mixture of clouds and sunshine. and wait until you see twha rest the week is looking like. i'll have another look at the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> set off a chain of horrific shootings that put our region on edge for nearly a month. today marks ten years since the first deadly sniper attack. by the time it was over, ten
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people were killed. three others critically wounded. it was also a time that forever changed the lives of the victims' families. jackie bensen joins us live from montgomery county police headquarters. >> reporter: we were all afraid. but for ten families, those dark days meant the agonizing loss of a loved one. now their pain has eased but they never completely forget. >> well, we have to hope for change. and you know, sometimes it is all in our attitude. >> reporter: it has been ten years since sonny buchanan was shot to death while mowing the grass behind the fitzgerald auto dealership in white flint. in his memory, his sister victoria snyder has helped raise tens of thousands in college and summer camp scholarships through an organization called sonny's kids. in what have now been years of a nationwide economic downturn, that money has made a
5:33 pm
difference. >> for college. or any post educational school. whether it is technical or cosmetic me to go, anything, an education past high school. >> reporter: healing comes too. the baby girl is named for the grandfather she will not have the chance to know. 31 minutes after sonny buchanan was shot, this man was putting gasoline into his taxi at a mobile station in aspen hill when he, too, was killed by a bullet that seemed to come from nowhere. years of sadness for his family has been lessened by the boy brought by baby pria. >> my mom, she lost her best friend. and it was definitely the hardest on her. my daughter pria has been born. >> reporter: there will be a vigil to honor the memory of the
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sniper victim thursday at 6:30. it takes place at the goshen united methodist church. reporting live, jackie bensen, news4. those speed cameras in d.c. there could be some changes. tomorrow meks of the d.c. council will hole a meeting in which they'll look into lowering the fines. official say they'll be hearing from citizens groups who have complained. those cameras are there to raise money, not to increase safety. the speed camera program raked in more than $65 million last year. it is the most expensive ticket in our region. lowering the fines won't be done until the end of the year. >> a big endorsement today for the maryland ballot question to expand gaming and include a casino in prince george's council. the washington redskins announce their support for question 7. this come as clergy and members of the community rally to block the bill from passing.
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chris gordon joins us with the latest on this saga. chris? >> reporter: good evening. the stakes are high. and not baghdad gambling could mean $200 million in additional revenue for the state of maryland. but clergy and prince george's county say a casino is not the best way to pay for schools or create jobs. >> reporter: they say no to question 7. no to the vision of building a casino in prince george's county. >> a vision that yes, will build a casino, but break up families. a vision that indeed will cause people to lose their homes. >> reporter: clergy and communicate activists told the citizens here that the promise of jobs and money for education are empty promises. >> you've been had. you've been took. you've been bamboozled. you've been hood winked, led astray, run amok. >> reporter: those who live in oxon hill where the proposed
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casino could be built worry about the impact on their children. >> it will break our neighborhood. and we are here to try and ask the voters to please, don't sacrifice our neighbor for broken promises that will not benefit the state at all. >> reporter: after all the tv ads for and against question 7 paid for by casino interests on both sides, this was built as a chance to hear from county residents themselves. the "washington post" reported that participants in the grassroots rally may have been recruited on craigslist and offered palts of $25 to $40 in cash to come here. >> you probably saw in the "washington post." there was an article that some of you may have been solicited on craigslist or the never. are you any of you receiving any money to be here today or expecting any money? >> those folks came here today because they believe in this cause. plain and simple. >> reporter: the prince george's county executive is advocating expanding gambling from five slot sites in the state to a sixth in prince george's county.
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and allowing them on all offer full casino gambling. >> this is about revenues and resources that we need desperately here in prince george's county. you're about somewhere between 40 to $60 million in revenues a year that would come to prince george's county at a critical time when our revenues are flat. >> reporter: to expand gambling question 7 has to be approved by a majority of voters. if gambling passes throughout the state but fails to get a majority of votes in prince george's county, then there could be table gaming elsewhere. but there will be no casino built at national harbor. from the newsroom, chris gordon, news 4. still ahead, no more a's, b's, c's. there is a new way to grade
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an unprecedented unveiling at the muse he'll of art. it displayed the early american furniture and related decor. the items are on loan from linda coffman who collected them with her late husband george. it is the largest collection on permanent public view in the capital area. it opens to the public on sunday. a's, b's, c's and d's are about to become history for some montgomery county public school students. starting next month, report cards for students in grades 1-3 will feature the letters, es, p, i or n. es is exceptional. p means demonstrating proficiency. i stand for in progress and n is not yet making progress. kindergarten students will figure that all out.
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will be evaluated using this new grading system in december. the goal is for parents to better understand their children's progress. ♪ nbc 4 is celebrating hispanic heritage month highlighting the work of the local leaders in the communicate. they were recognized in a special ceremony at the station. it included a performance from the group es latin. they were pretty amazing. the group based in columbia heights. the theater's executive director rebecca said this month is all about celebrating hispanic roots, culture, history and diversity. >> if you haven't been to the gala, they are so amazing themselves do some incredible stuff down there in columbia heights. really worth going on their website and going down to see some of their stuff. still to come, dozens of unusual animals rescued from a maryland home. now the question is where will they go?
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two turtles, four championships, a goat and a tarantula. they are a few of the more than 40 animal removed from a home in anne arundel county yesterday. darcy spencer talk to the animals' owner who said he was just trying to do good. >> reporter: a parrot named jack. a pig named miky, two turtles, a boa constrictor, an albino python, even a goldfish. all seized from a home in pasadena, maryland. it is one of the most unique cases of animal hoarding they've had in anne arundel county. >> the cleanliness level was not where we needed it to be. >> reporter: animal control officials say they were first call to the hole last august after receiving a tip themselves seize ad raccoon and some skumpgs. they say they've been work w the owner and then the situation got worse. when they went to the home last thursday after receiving another complaint, they took 40 live animals. >> i think this is unfortunately
5:47 pm
a situation where someone took on more than they could handle and had trouble finding the appropriate time to say enough is enough. >> animal control officials say some of the animals didn't have enough or any food and water. miky, the pig, they say, was found in a she have in the yard. animal control officers found two turtles inside the home. one of them was found inside a closet sleeping on clothing. the other was in a mesh type cage. neither had access to water. >> this is the low of the i've ever been in my life. >> reporter: this is the young man under investigation. a 21-year-old named shane. he said he took in animals, cared for them and then adopted them out. some of the animals seized were his personal pets. >> i am a going to get my dog back? am i going to get my birds back? i'm losing the house. >> reporter: shane says now he's worried that the career he planned to work with animals may
5:48 pm
be over before it is even started. >> for the size of the property, that maybe there were too many animals. were they neglected? absolutely not. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. >> no charges have been filed but authorities say some of the animal have been placed with rescue groups and they may eventually be available for adoption. back to veronica. the headlights have been on pretty much all day. >> now we have to get ready to use our fog nights through the late night and early part of the day. that will be the big thing to contend with. no more heavy rain for us. it has been certainly kind of hardy driving. the early part of the day. same thing for this bumble bee here. he is absolutely drenched. this image sent in from bill of that drenched bumble bee. look at the fall color coming along. this is west virginia at the alleghany battlefield. great color there. closer in, look at that maple, just fiery red.
5:49 pm
we'll start to see our peak color around here by the time we get to mid to late okay. have you ever any great images, that's my twitter account or weather@nbc washington. we've got a few more showers left here in southern maryland. we'll have some showers. one or two lonesome showers until about midnight. then we'll start to see not the skies clear but we'll see that fog thicken and lower. so pretty soupy until about eight clog or 9:00 tomorrow morning. we'll see some sunshine mix in for tomorrow. and it will be a warm one. it is also going to be rather humid, getting to 85 degrees. 82 on thursday with an isolated shower. nice conditions coming our way for friday. then the weekend is split. upper 70s to low 60s for a high temperature on sunday. as well as the early part of next week.
5:50 pm
we've got some major changes coming our way. >> thanks. was jesus married? the vatican weighs in. the white house turns a pretty shade of pink today. and a multimillion-dollar car crash. >> here is a look at what is trending. let's start with the vatican. it says that fragment of cloth that suggests that jesus had a wife is a forge rirk according to the vatican. a harvard professor believes the writings on this ancient fabric contain the first recorded mention that jesus may have been married. today the editor of the vatican wrote a long arm about it. bottom line according to the editor, it is fake. landmarks all over the world and right here in washington are showing their support. the white house and buckingham palace are pink. the pink lights will remain on through october in this year's official proclamation to kick off breast cancer awareness month. president obama urges regular screenings like mammograms is a key to early detection. this youtube video may become crucial evidence in a
5:51 pm
lawsuit filed against a texas man. an insurance man is accusing him of purposefully crash go his $1 million bugatti into a lagoon to collect insurance money. it was taken by guys, they took the video because they were admiring it. the crash happened three years ago in galveston. they said the man said he dropped his phone, lost control of the car after he saw a pelican. the man is counter suing for more than $2 million for damages to the car. are you talking on a cell phone with a car that expensive? i don't know. you can afford hands-free. >> is a pelican really going to throw you that much? american express is refunning millions of dollars to customers. and residents in prince george's and montgomery counties are seeing higher water bills. >> plus, what the government is doing to make sure the ecofriendly products you buy are really green. liz crenshaw is more with the details. >> listen up to that story. we begin with american express.
5:52 pm
the credit card company will refund $250,000 consumers an estimated $85 million. the consumer financial protection bureau says amex violated credit card practices ranging from debt collection to card solicitations, and late fee charges. in addition to the refund of 85 million consumer, they will pay more than $27 million in civil fines. they will notify consumers directly. you do not have to take any action. the cfpb warns against any other entity offering to help you reclaim the money. that is likely to be a scam. water bills have gone up in prince george's county. consumers are paying double the flush tax now. $5 per month. which is the chesapeake bay restoration fee. the wssc says the fee increase will be used to improve the waste water treatment plans owned by utilities throughout
5:53 pm
the state. residents who cannot afford that higher fee can apply for an exemption. residents are also seeing a 7.5% rate increase. it would add floorly $5 to a typical homeowner's bill. it is expected to pay for water and sewer reconstruction programs and inspections and repairs. finally this week there are new federal guideline for products marketed as green. the federal trade commissioner revised the guidelines for the first time since 1998. the revisions are aimed at helping marketers avoid making misleading clals. it includes new sections such as certification, carbon offset and made with renewable energy or material claims. the ftc says the guidelines are also a win for consumers who will want to purchase greener products and can believe more about the labels that they're written on. >> good to know. >> and amex will let you know if you get any money back. >> i'll have to start opening that stuff that looks like junk
5:54 pm
to on him.
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i'm not overly terrified but i don't want to be outside. >> the 73-year-old grandfather is accused of fatally shooting his daughter-in-law, tammy palmer, outside her home last monday. the 39-year-old mother of two. >> the victim is my daughter. she's 30 something years old. she doesn't deserve to be dead. >> reporter: tammy palm her taken out an order of protection against her husband, a move that allegedly angered her father-in-law. police say eugene palmer admitted the murder to his sister before disappearing into the wilderness. the following day police found his truck nearby and bloodhounds traced his scent to a camp site before the trail went cold. >> he had not found one piece of evidence other than finding his
5:58 pm
truck last week that suggests he is still here. we will continue to look. now a massive manhunt is underway with dozens of officers, dogs, even a helicopter scouring the sprawling 46,000 acre park for any sign of the fugitive. officials have closed the camp ground where palmer's scent was found and are advising people to stay out of the interior woodlands. >> we're hopefully able to resolve this with no one else being hurt. >> palmer, a truck driver, is an avid hunter. his families he knows every inch of these woods. still he has diabetes and recently suffered a heart attack surviving one week in this unforgiving environment is hard. and this week officials started sending out cadaver dogs. >> it is a very difficult place to survive. he's been out there seven days. if he is still here, he would have to be very adaptable to these times of conditions in order to survive that long.
5:59 pm
>> now at 6:00, the suspicious disappearance of a northern virginia mother. right now a woman is missing and it turned out someone called the cop on her. >> deadly consequences after a police chase. police want a video taken down. most of the rain is gone but drivers could face new threats. now to the race for the white house. we are a little more than 24 hours away from the first presidential debate between president obama and mitt romney. there are indications tonight that are significant number of american will be watching. in a newly released nbc news "wall street journal" survey, nearly 40% of the voters polled said the debates will be an important factor in deciding their vote. steve handelsman joins us from denver where the debate will take place. hi, steve. >> reporter: thanks. good evening from the university of denver. south of downtown on the way to the mountains.
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